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My approach

The best results come from key team members having an open discussion about the problems and possibilities of a project. We make sure that our efforts aren’t superficial and our thinking isn’t on auto pilot. Coming back to the DNA of the brand, its relevance and interest for the audience is a good place to start.

Change should be meaningful and exciting for the team, an obvious improvement for the current audience and engaging for the potential audience. I encourage soul-searching, experimenting with ideas and discovering the right point on the spectrum of potential. I bring out answers that are often buried beneath layers of routine or uncertainty.

Creating architecture and processes based on thorough thinking helps everyone to understand, embrace and own the changes.

Most overused words: architecture and process

Favourite question: why is that there?

Favourite bit: when everyone realises we’re on to something - in an instant the energy changes and its all about possibilities.

Favourite reaction: “Sh*t, can we really look this good?”


Ingrid Shields

I have been working as a designer since 1995, with experience in all areas of design for publishing including; pitches, launches, concept development, redesigns, web sites, events and marketing collateral. I liaise with clients at all levels from MD through to production providing  concepts, dummies, style guides and templates. I also run workshops about good editorial design for both designers and non-designers.  I am concerned with creating workable designs that are sensitive to budgets and resources.

Ingrid Shields Design was launched in 2005 and since then I have worked with a wide range of clients in the UK and the rest of Europe. Previously, while working for Belknap+Co, an award winning consultancy that specialises in editorial design I was responsible for and involved in launches, redesigns and development work for magazines and national newspapers. Before Belknap+Co I was Group Art Director for Financial Times Business, the magazine publishing arm of the FT. Managing a centralised design team I was responsible for the creative output for the company which publishes over 14 titles. Whilst at the FT I was selected for an in-depth leadership training course that developed awareness of different management styles, taught team building and motivational techniques. The coaching techniques have been invaluable for helping staff through periods of intense change.

Before landing in publishing I taught Art and Design in Malaysia, a twinning course with DeMontfort University from where  I graduated in 1993 with a BA Hons in Graphic Design.



Clients and brands:

Belfast telegraph
Camping & Caravaning
Dean & Deluca
Dennis Publishing
Euromoney, London
Evening Standard, London
Faversham House
Great Ormond Street
Childrens Charity
Grist Publishing
Haymarket Publishing
Insurance Times
International Living
Irish Independent and the Sunday Irish Independent, Dublin
John Brown
Le Monde, Paris
Media Week
Money Week
Nursing Times
Publicom International
Research Research
Royal Mail
Sunday Life, Belfast
Sunday Telegraph
Sunday Tribune, Dublin
The Big Issue
The Week
Thomson Financial, London
Village, Dublin